How many dates do you have before you fall in love? (According to science)

Date before relationship

Nowadays, dating does not mean that dating can become serious. You can date once a week and you are still single. You should be in loveLoveHow many times did you go before? Scientists have learned that before encountering a catastrophe, you will experience many catastrophes.

Once you find the person, stay with them and cherish their feelings and opinions. Don't you give up Stay with us, we may provide you with life lessons learned from various roles.

How many dates do you have before you fall in love?

Regarding this issue, this is very subjective, because every relationship is different. People click differently, and some shy people take time to leave their shells. Therefore, if you click immediately, about ten dates are enough to make that date a serious date. On the other hand, if you like this person but are not sure what to do, you should take some time. Out of confusion and rush, nothing can achieve results.

Honestly, who wants to be Rose like a friend. As a fictional character, he may have the patience to endure the breakup. However, not everyone has a superpower. Therefore, our advice is, if you are confused, please slow down. You can spend up to two months to solve each other's problems. Don't worry, don't worry.

When to define the relationship?

If you are going to date someone at least 3 times a week, then you may be establishingrelationship. But don't be afraid, that's good. This is what you want. Take your time and ask yourself the next step. To take the relationship to the next level, you can talk to your partner. Yes, we are referring to that serious and frightening situation. 'conversation. 'You must do this to know if he or she feels the same or is on the same page as you.

If you just love each other the way you want, then things can go to the next level. But most likely, another person will be as interested as you, because no one will spend a lot of time with someone they don't like. Don't let your hopes be too high. In any case, you should respect the feelings of others here. It may be to your support or to your disadvantage.

For example, you have been out with this special guy for a long time, and another person is also very interested in you. The problem is that you cannot decide whether you want that person. In this case, you can get help from friends at any time. Until now, you have only seen or talked to this person. Now you can introduce her or him to your friends.

In this way, you can follow two things. One is-how the person is in the crowd, their reaction or behavior in the crowd, etc. The other is-how your friends think of her. Do they like her? Have you not seen anything because you are fascinated by the beauty of that person?

In this way, you will have a second opinion, because the dating stage is very diverse and rose-colored, and therefore more realistic than your opinion. Especially during her honeymoon, everything about her will become so cute and beautiful (due to chemicals; blink). Therefore, before you proceed with serious and formal matters, please consider the second point.

You may ask your date of appointment to understand their problem

You cannot just ask a person how you are as a person, or they may have something hidden. But in the first few days with this difficult problem, you can have a basic understanding of this person. It will help you understand whether they are introverted or extroverted, whether they are mentally ill or have personality traits. So let "buy this thing straight. Can we?

1. Tell a joke or something funny

Have you noticed the subject of their joke? Is it inherently funny, or am I aggressive towards any community, or is it sexist?

If the joke is naturally funny, it doesn't matter.

However, if the subject causes passive harm and aggression to certain communities; for example, for any religion (Islam or Christianity) or any community (LGBTQ+) or any race (black or Asian), this is not for you . In the future, these problems may haunt you throughout your life and disturb your healthy mental balance.

2. What do you do in your spare time?

It will tell you a lot about this person. Are they interested in hobbies that are not making money? Tuba waits for us to speak, read, or play the guitar or draw. Sometimes people look for artistic minds to spend time with them. It is both exotic and fruitful.

Some people are career-oriented. For them, the artistic mind will not be so attractive. They can choose other people who are more interested and career-oriented.

3. Are you willing?

In this way, you have the opportunity to meet people of different levels. It will provide you with some awkward silence, but will pass it playfully. For example, will you go for a walk or sleep? Do you want to go to a bar party or read some cozy and warm books in bed? Be helpful, you will know this person and you can avoid asking questions directly.

4. What is your biggest pet worry?

If you know their pet is angry, you can use it as a future reference. For example, sometimes you want to annoy that person, you can use it. Or on the contrary, you want to make people feel better and safer, and you can avoid this.

5. Where do you like to go on holiday most?

It will show whether they like expensive holiday plans or anything else. Depending on your financial goals, if you like them, and if things get serious, you will take some steps to surprise them.

6. What money or family will you give up?

It will affect your truth. Their psychological maturity is enough to choose a family, or is their core materialism?

There may be other questions about friends, family, study choices, embarrassing moments, etc. If the conversation becomes interesting and interesting, these problems will arise. If you are bored and no longer interested in some way, you can always solve it by asking the bill (if you are in a restaurant).

in conclusion

How many days before the end of the relationship we are at the end of the discussion? Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) said that finding one could cause some accidents, heartbreaking, "list of former lovers", overnight stays, etc.

We hope to get so many popular culture references in order to make life into films or into films. Stay there and stay positive. And don’t worry, so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

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