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  • First Meet-up Story
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    Dating is always tough, and if it is your first dating with someone, then it is tougher. You have to stay conscious of so many things, isn't it! I know the feeling. Today I will share my experience with you about my first meet up with my present husband after a couple of months of conversation on a dating app. This dating app actually worked like magic in both of our life. So, exactly six years back, when I just ended up a bad relationship and was feeling devastating one of my closest friends suggested me to use this dating app. At one finest morning, I was just scrolling down the app suddenly I see this cute guy named Samon. Actually that time, I was looking for some guy who can cheer me up with his sense of humor. And when I first see his picture, I felt like he has the ability because his eyes were so charming like his eyes were saying lots of things. We can't deny the truth without words; eyes can mean a lot of things. But I was feeling hesitant to knock him as dating app was a who le new thing for me at that time. So you know what I did? I told one of our mutual friends about this, and she conveyed my first message to him. I know this was stupid behavior. But we are allowed to do some stupidity in our life, isn't it! Then after hearing from our mutual friend, he may be searched me on the dating app and also on other social media sites. After two and a half weeks, suddenly, I got one message from him at night 12.45 (I can clearly remember everything). And yes, we started chatting. At work, at the weekend, at parties, in leisure time, of course, we remained busy in our chatting. I proved absolutely right about him. He was a jolly person who never failed to bring a smile on my face with his talks. But all these were limited in chatting by far. For knowing a person better, you have to meet him or her personally obviously. So, we decided to meet. We didn't just decide our meeting place and time but we also decided our dress code like those secular movies. I was so ex cited about our first meet up. At last, the day came. Ohh, I forgot to mention we both were Turkish food lovers, and our first dating place was one Turkish food restaurant. I was a bit late in our first meet up, or you can say he was too fast. So when I first entered the restaurant, I saw he was sitting on a corner table, and the sun was just setting at that time. The moment was so magical I can't express in words. When I had gone in front of the table, he looked at me and smiled in a way that he was waiting for me for years. And yes, I was able to read his eyes. So the memorable day started like this.
  • Getting a New Relationship
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    A few years back, I started to start this dating app after my friend had suggested to me. This one is trendy in our country. Many people have found their perfect match through this dating app. So, after using this app for some months, I found one extremely handsome guy. We talked over the app for the next few months and finally, we decided to meet. At first meeting with someone a little bit of confusion, hesitation is quite normal. But in our case, it was totally different . And I will give the full credit of this to Jacob (the handsome guy whom I found through the app). His friendly gesture and funny behavior made me so comfortable that I forgot it was our first meet up. I was looking exactly this quality in someone who can make me laugh and who can give me comfortableness. I found these things in him and secretly, I started to admire him. After our first meet up, we started to meet regularly. We used to visit ice cream shops as the ice cream is our favorite though our flavor choice wa s different. And when we used to go for late-night movies, he always gave me left to my apartment. He was careful towards me, but when one day we were walking, and accidentally I fell down, I saw his real care for me. I understood yes, he is the man for me. I think these little things are important in a relationship. After one and a half months later of our first meet up, he went for some official tour for almost two months. We missed each other's company in those two months badly. And we realize we love each other for those two months. The typical saying distance is sometimes helpful for any relationship that became proved in our situation. I decided when he will come back, I will tell him about my feelings. By that time, I was quite confident that he also loves me. But the most surprising thing was waiting for me. The day when he was supposed to come back, he came one day before and I was unaware of this. At midnight I was in a deep sleep he called me and told me to go downstairs. I became so nervous that I didn't ask anything and went downstairs. The big surprise was there. He was in front of me. I became so happy that I couldn't resist myself and I hugged him. In that place, he proposed me with some beautiful red roses and with my favorite food, Turkish doner. So, we started our love relationship from that night. Our journey together actually started at that moment. Still, now I can feel that moment when I close my eyes. I have those flowers still in my drawer.
  • Getting a Life Partner
    3_life partner .jpg
    In this modern era getting life partners through a dating app is quite usual. But when my husband and I started dating, it was quite a new thing. I am always excited to use new things. When the dating app first launched in the 90's I was eagerly waiting for launching one such app in my country also. After a few years when in my country, dating app using became started, I started to use it. So, here I started my journey with this dating app. When I first found Smith in the app, I wasn't so interested in him. He approached me first. We started to talk over the app. And by his talking, I started to feel like he is one genuine person. So, we decided to meet. After several meetings and several hangouts, I was pretty sure he can be the ideal life partner for me. One winter evening, he dramatically proposed to me. We were at a bar on that day and he requested the bar authority to give him a chance for singing. He had written a whole new song just for proposing to me. Through the song, he offe red to me and at last, he invited me to the stage. Everyone present there was clapping, and yeah, I felt so unique along with some shyness. From that night, our journey started. At that time, we both were so busy with our careers, but we never forgot each other for a second. He used to pass hectic days but was so caring to me never to forget to ask about my days. Sometimes maybe he couldn't manage his times, but I never misunderstood him. And I think this is what a relationship looks like. The most important thing was his respect for me. He respected me a lot and still now he respects me every decision and choice. Care and respect these two vital qualities I expected from my life partner . And both were these two I found in him. When I started to know him every day, I used to discover new things about him which amazed me. We used to pass our weekend together. Our first-holiday trip was in France. We enjoyed a lot on that trip. We bought lots of gifts for our family members on that trip. After coming back from France, he took me his parent's home to introduce me and trust me. His family was friendly to me. And I also introduced him to my parents. After meeting some time with him, he became one of the favorites of my family. With the support of our families, our relationship started to grow more vigorously. I was feeling that with every passing day, our relationship is becoming stronger. We used to have and still, we have some quarrels which are common in relations. But our understanding and respect for each other was and is so strong that quarrels never created any distance between us. Thanks to the dating app. I found my life partner through this app, and he is an ideal match for me.
  • Getting Marriage
    Searching for your ideal life partner in the dating app is quite common nowadays. But when I started to use dating app, I haven't any indentation or expectation that I will find my life partner through this. Some of my friends were regular users of this dating app, and among them, some really fall in love through this. They suggested me this app. I became curious and started to use it. Jesia was the first girl with whom I talked over this app. After one week of talking, we meet for the first time. And after four or five months later of our first meeting suddenly we stopped talking over some silly issues. After that, I took a little break from the app. One day I was passing my leisure time, and I opened the app. I saw some messages from a girl named Phoebe (yes, the unique name from friends series). As friends were one of my most favorite TV shows, I couldn't stop myself from replying. Moreover, her eyes were so mesmerizing that I found a deep ocean in her eyes. Thus way, we started tal king though at first, we talked little. By her conversation style, I assumed that she was a quiet girl. But I started to feel for her, so I was the one who used knocked most of the time. Then the day of our first meeting came. She was actually a quiet girl. Her manners and her generosity amazed me. She is one nurse, and she has chosen this profession just for helping people. After only six months of our relationship, I proposed her for marrying. She nodded her head positively. I was the happiest person on that day. We started to dream about our marriage. But because of some problems, I lost my job at that time, and I became so depressed. On those days, I found one person who was always there for me and she was Phoebe. Those times I realize I can count on her always. Somehow we passed our bad times. I got a new job but in a different city. That time Phoebe told me her passion is helping people, and she can do it from anywhere. So, I can move with me after marriage and can join in job. B efore our marriage, we used to travel to that new city on the weekend for refurbishing our new house. At last, the day of our marriage came. With all our close friends and family members, we completed our wedding. In our marriage, some special guests were there also, and they were some kids from two orphanages where phoebe used to work. Such a fantastic day it was! She became my wife, and I promised her that you can count on me always, and in every situation, I won't disappoint you. After the marriage ceremony, we directly had gone to Fiji for our honeymoon, and from there, we moved to our new home and started our new life. She never gave me any chance of complaint, and I also tried that. Still, now our love is the same as it was at first. I am grateful to this dating app. Without it, I couldn't find someone like Phoebe, my Phoebe.
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