Top 10 reasons this can hurt your relationships

Relationship hurts

We all dream of falling in love (more or less) one day.那种梦幻般的感觉本来应该是幸福而神奇的。并非总是一种恋爱会给你电影般的震撼。有时关系会受伤。疼痛如此严重,以至于从抑郁到可能出现的头痛,都会影响我们的身心。

Being in a relationship doesn't mean it will develop as shown in the movie. There may be some very serious reasons causing it to be injured. Maybe this does not mean that you can, or some of the mistakes you are making can be fixed. Let "What can we do for you. Wait a minute

Causes of harm to your relationships

It is common to be hurt in love. But if it happens almost every day, it is not right. Sometimes, you need to deal with your relationship together. Sometimes, if you let go, you can.

What you need to focus on

There is no new revelation. You know them, and they are right in front of your eyes. We just list them to help you solve the problem slightly. So they are there-

1. Is this a game?

In love, you need to compromise and solve some useful things (don't remember every time). This is not a game. It should be a relationship of sharing, caring and giving context.


2. Trust and safety issues

Trust issues in married life are very common, for example, especially during the honeymoon period, where you don’t know them so much. But too much espionage is called "unhealthy addiction." If it lasts for a long time, it will put pressure on the relationship. Trusting each other until you feel safe is the essence of a healthy relationship.

The higher the two lovers' cultivation of love, feelings and self-confidence, the more freedom you have to be yourself without restricting your thoughts and behavior.

One by one, you can do whatever you want, and walk with you freely and expressively. You feel comfortable enough to be yourself. The same is true for the close relationship between family members and friends.

3. Let's not talk about it

Many people think that by avoiding talking, they can avoid problems. In the short term, this can make life smoother, and in the long term, it will eventually weaken interpersonal relationships. Small things will grow into bigger things.

The problem cannot be solved because your partner is happy and does not know them at all. In the end, remaining silent represents a lack of faith, which is the death of a friendly relationship.

4. Can't you hear me?

Sometimes we don't want to'don't listen. Instead, we put words in their mouths. Listening can be boring, but trust me, it will help you solve your problem in the long run. Don't just criticize or put forward hypotheses.

Listen to their opinions and provide support when needed. Don't compare this relationship to being so remote that you can no longer listen to important others.

5. Money trouble

Today, this has become more and more attention. Today, even if they are married because of this relationship, individuals still want to maintain their financial status. Yes, but more contact and interaction between spouses is needed.

If you waste money like a waste of money, and no one else has the right to tell you what to do, then your relationship is desperate. Work together to preserve a better future.

6. Expect too much

We have watched hopeless romantic movies since we were young, and our expectations have been higher and higher since we were young. But in real life, this is not an easy task.

7. We don’t fight hard, because we are a happy couple

Sometimes a reasonable and healthy battle must be fought. To be honest, sometimes arguing helps to point out small issues and prevent them from becoming major issues. But fighting often produces frustration, which is a natural part of human emotions.

Your commitment must be strong enough, not only in a good place, but also in the darkest period to ensure that everything goes as expected.

8. Relationship? Too much for me!

This is difficult because if you focus on small things, it won't be difficult. If you support their work, you will soon feel stressed in this situation. The challenges you ignore are everywhere. I will stay on your shoulders until you face them.

Any of the attitudes-not working, not working or emphasizing the relationship is not good for anyone. You may end up in such a difficult relationship, which is unhealthy. But it seems that the relationship that does not require any work is not very good.

9. Not to be!

Sometimes, interpersonal relationships are not intended. There may be sparks or ideas being accepted, but there may be "the fault of the stars". Whatever the reason, if you feel that this is not your intention, it is best to leave. Memory can hurt you for a long time, but it is the skeleton of a dilapidated relationship that is not well held.

10. Mental health is important

It brings different impressions to different couples. For example, if any one of them is frustrated, it will put pressure on how to react to the failure. In the first few times, this is okay, but constant breakdowns can cause pressure on this relationship.

On the other hand, when both parties are depressed, they sometimes get a sense of intimacy while getting to know each other.

How to overcome emotional pain

While working so hard, if you can't put everything together and affect your mental health, then it's time to let go.

We know that even after breaking up, it will still hurt like thousands of cuts. Forgive yourself, don't be persistent, and maintain a healthy routine. Remember, when you forget to cry for that man and need your skin care routine.

Forget this and follow a healthy daily diet, diet and exercise. Keep busy and give friends some time. Give yourself some time. Time will blur the vague memories.

Final thought

Try to repair the damaged string, if it's solvable. You need to work hard by yourself and work hard. Also, if you find that your relationship is painful, please leave while you are still sane.

One study says that sadness can severely damage the heart. But you don't lose hope for a true love. It's there. Remember, what does the Disney movie "Finding Nemo 2" say? "Just keep swimming."

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